Action to save Yarmouth permit parking scheme

PLANS to save the residents permit parking scheme by the seafront were outlined by the council’s new ruling group this week.

The Labour administration has pledged to act decisively to ensure the retention of the Zone A scheme, and to initiate improvements to it from 2013.

A formal recommendation will go before the council’s next cabinet meeting on June 20, after it was agreed at Tuesday’s steering group meeting.

It was agreed that a small five-person task and finish group be formed.

The group - formed of two Labour representatives, one Conservative, one from the residents association and one from the tourist authority - will be charged with bringing forward proposals for improvements to the current scheme.

A permit price rise is on the cards, as the cost has remained unchanged over the past six years, and the level will be agreed by the task and finish group.

The next meeting of the steering group will be on Tuesday, July 24.