Norfolk-born boss of In the Style left school 'without a single grade'

Adam Frisby, In the Style

Adam Frisby, the Yarmouth-born founder of online fashion retailer In the Style, has shared his advice ahead of GCSE results. - Credit: Supplied

The boss of multi-million-pound online fashion brand has reassured students that whatever their grades they can still succeed. 

Adam Frisby is the founder and CEO of In the Style, which was valued at £105 million in March when it became a public company and floated on the London Stock Exchange. 

Mr Frisby grew up in Great Yarmouth, where he attended Cliff Park High School, and he started the company from his bedroom in 2013.

The entrepreneur bought six dresses from a wholesaler and sold them for profit on social media.

Adam Frisby, In the Style

Adam Frisby, from Great Yarmouth, celebrates as his fashion firm In the Style, which he started from his bedroom in 2013, floats on the stock market valued at £105m. - Credit: Supplied

Fast forward eight years and he is running a fashion empire, which has grown through collaborations with TV stars and influencers.

On the week that many nervous teens are receiving GCSE and A-Level results, he posted a message to his followers on his Instagram.

He wrote: "Good luck to all the students this week picking up results.

"Hope they're everything you wished for but for everyone that does need to hear it, if you don't get the A-Level or GCSE results you wanted just remember a grade on a piece of paper doesn't define you.

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"The journey ahead may not be the one you had planned but it'll make you stronger. Trust me.

"For what it's worth I left school without a single grade and it wasn't the route I hoped for but I grafted hard and today I am the proud owner of a £105 million public company.

"Dust yourself off and don't give up."

Students across the country will receive their GCSE results on Thursday, which have been graded by teacher assessments.