Stunning aerial photos show progress on new bridge

Great Yarmouth new bridge aerial photo

Construction is under way for a third river crossing in Great Yarmouth - Credit: Mike Page

New aerial photos have revealed how much work has already been done on Great Yarmouth's new third river crossing. 

The major two year project will transform parts of the riverside area which has already seen homes and gardens flattened.

Great Yarmouth Bridge Construction

The new bridge will help ease traffic and congestion on Yarmouth roads - Credit: Mike Page

The latest pictures show the construction of the bridge's foundations as well as the site's new connecting road and roundabout. 

The bridge crosses the River Yare just south of and parallel to Cromwell Road.

It then connects with South Denes Road on the other side of the river close to the junction with Sutton Road.

Great Yarmouth Bridge third river crossing construction underway

The construction work has already changed the landscape of Great Yarmouth's riverside area after homes and gardens were flattened to make way for the new bridge - Credit: Mike Page

There it will feed into the existing road network with few modifications.

It is hoped the new bridge will cut congestion and journey times. It is also tipped to regenerate the Southtown area with new walks, cycle paths and landscaping.

Aerial photos showing progress of third river crossing in Great Yarmouth

The third river crossing project will be completed by early 2023 for what is one of Norfolk County Council's most significant infrastructure redevelopment in recent years - Credit: Mike Page

The new bridge is being built in Belgium and will stand 7m tall once completed. 

A new image of Great Yarmouth's proposed third river crossiing in the open position Picture: Norfolk

A new image of Great Yarmouth's proposed third river crossiing in the open position Picture: Norfolk County Council - Credit: Norfolk County Council

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The bridge is due to open in early 2023. 

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