All Yarmouth borough seats to be fought for

THE full line-up of those vying for your vote - and power of Great Yarmouth Borough Council - in May’s elections has been announced.

A five-way battle has unfolded at Yarmouth North ward; council leader Steve Ames faces competition from three other candidates to keep his seat in Bradwell South and Hopton ward, and deputy leader Charles Reynolds is one of three would-be Ormesby councillors.

And for the first time ever, the UK Independence Party (UKIP) is contesting all seats going to the polls on Thursday, May 3.

Incumbent councillors Mike Taylor, an Independent and former Labour councillor; and Tory Alan Grey are not standing for re-election.

A third of the borough council’s 39 seats are going to the vote, and more than 40 people are challenging for the 13 seats.

The current make-up of the council is 22 Conservatives, 16 Labour and one Independent.

Of these, eight Conservative, four Labour and Mr Taylor’s seats are up for election.

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The wards where seats will go to the vote are: Bradwell North; Bradwell South and Hopton; Central and Northgate; Claydon, East Flegg; Gorleston, Magdalen; Nelson; Ormesby; St Andrews; Southtown and Cobholm; West Flegg and Yarmouth North.

Councillors standing for re-election are Steve Ames, Charles Reynolds, Anthony Blyth, George Jermany, Bertie Collins, Patricia Page, Michael Jeal, Marlene Fairhead, Penny Linden, Barry Coleman and Paul Garrod.

Nominations closed on Wednesday and voters must ensure they are registered by April 18 or they will not be able to take part in the process - election helpline is 01493 846327.

None of the borough’s county council seats are up for election this year, but many parish council seats are up for election.


Alexander Dougal of Bradwell, UKIP

Carl Smith of Gorleston, Con

Jamie Smith of Great Yarmouth, Lab


Stephen Alfred Ames* of Hopton, Con

John Lawrence Frederick Brookshaw of Bradwell, Ind

Alexander Michael Monk of Gorleston, UKIP

Hilary Jeanette Wainwright of Bradwell, Lab


Gordon Richard Dean of Norwich, Lib-Dem

Thomas Steven Charles Garrod of Ormesby, Con

John Holt of Great Yarmouth, UKIP

Lee Paul Sutton of Martham, Lab


Anthony Blyth* of Gorleston, Lab

Ashley Roy Bullard of Norwich, Con

Liam Probert of Gorleston, UKIP


George William Jermany* of Filby, Con

Matthew Brian McDonnell of Hemsby, United Peoples Party

Rex Parkinson-Hare of Great Yarmouth, UKIP

Christine Williamson of Belton, Lab


Bertie James Edmund Collins* of Great Yarmouth, Con

Peter Fairhead of Gorleston, Lab

Matthew James Smith of Gorleston, UKIP


Michael John Monk of Gorleston, UKIP

Patricia Elizabeth Page* of Gorleston, Con

Emma Pratt of Bradwell, Lab


Margaret Mary Greenacre of Burgh Castle, Con

Michael Jeal* of Great Yarmouth, Lab

Michael Wilde of Gorleston, UKIP


Jack Cutting of Caister, UKIP

Maurice Johnson of Bradwell, Lab

Charles Joseph Reynolds* of Caister, Con


Colin Aldred of Hopton, UKIP

Brian Michael Dolton of Gorleston, Con

Nicholas Mark Dyer of Great Yarmouth, Lib-Dem

Penelope Linden* of Great Yarmouth, Lab


Marlene Fairhead* of Gorleston, Lab

Robert John Scott of Gorleston, UKIP

Bryan William Watts of Gorleston, Con


Barry George Coleman* of Martham, Con

Katie Jeavons-Golding of Great Yarmouth, Lab

Paul Toplass of Great Yarmouth, UKIP


Jonathan Childs of Great Yarmouth, UKIP

Colin Fox of Great Yarmouth, Lab

Paul Andrew Newton Garrod* of Ormesby St Margaret, Cons

Anthony John Harris of Great Yarmouth, Lib-Dem

Joshua White of Great Yarmouth, Green

*denotes sitting councillor