Village rounds on council over 'disgraceful' road resurfacing that covered cycle lanes and blocked drains

Borough and county councillor Carl Annison has tagged as 'a disgrace' the standard of resurfacing work in Hopton.

Borough and county councillor Carl Annison has tagged as 'a disgrace' the standard of resurfacing work in Hopton. - Credit: Jill O'Loughlin/Archant

Safety concerns over a new road surface and the amount of loose chippings left behind by contractors have drawn a flurry of complaints in a Norfolk village.

People in Hopton say they have been struck by stones and  had their cars damaged following the work carried out for Norfolk County Council.

And due to the amount of chippings blocking drains and piling up in drifts people have reportedly had to lift manhole covers themselves to let water drain away.

Poor road resurfacing in Hopton

People in Hopton have complained to Norfolk County Council about the standard of the road surface redressing in Station Road. - Credit: Jill O'Loughlin

Borough and newly elected county councillor Carl Annison described the work as the worst he had ever seen and "a disgrace."

"I was inundated with calls about the road," he said.

"I went down there and had a look, and what I saw was a disgrace.

"I have never seen anything like it. There were absolutely loads of chippings. It seems like they put far too much on the road to begin with.

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"The workmanship was a disgrace. There was no respect for anyone the way they left it like that.

"It was just unbelievable."

Loose road chippings in Hopton

The amount of stone chippings left over by contractors working for Norfolk County Council has been tagged a safety hazard by people in Hopton. - Credit: Jill O'Loughlin

The problems related to work in Station Road, Hopton, but similar complaints were made about Links Road in Gorleston.

Mr Annison, who has his own paving company, said contractors had also covered over newly-painted cycle lanes.

He told residents to complain and reckoned at least 100 had made their voices heard.

"I am not happy with the standard of work," he added.

"Being a county councillor for Lothingland I will be having a good look into this and checking up.

"I like to praise the council when it gets it right but on this occasion it was absolutely shocking.

"It looked like a Friday afternoon job. I reckon there would have been enough there to cover half of Hopton."

A Norfolk County Council spokesperson, said: “This year our annual surface dressing project will see 305 miles of Norfolk’s roads get a new seal to extend the life of the road, prevent potholes opening up, and provide a new skid-resistant surface to help reduce the risk of accidents.

“Unfortunately there was an issue with work carried out recently on Station Road in Hopton and Links Road Gorleston, so the contractor has returned to site to carry out work to help resolve the issue, and we will be continuing to closely monitor the sites over the next few weeks.”