Anglo-Saxon warrior’s Yarmouth visit

VISITORS to Great Yarmouth’s Christmas Fayre were greeted by a fearsome sight today.

An Anglo-Saxon warrior has been guarding the Christmas Fayre marquee outside St Nicholas Church and handing out leaflets.

However, there’s no need to worry as this particular warrior is Yarmouth man Barry Chapman, who regularly dresses up as historic figures.

The father-of-one, a keen history buff, is hoping to pass on some of his knowledge to visitors to the fayre and hopes to eventually turn his hobby into a profession.

He has already visited Stradbroke Primary and Oriel High Schools in Gorleston to give talks to the children and has previously donned the outfits of American GIs, Romans, MPs and Russian soldiers.

Mr Chapman will be outside the marquee over the weekend.

To book him for an event, phone 01493 650333.