Men in court for anti-social behaviour in town

Chaucer Road in Great Yarmouth

Chaucer Road in Great Yarmouth. - Credit: Google Maps

Two men have been handed suspended sentences after breaching anti-social behaviour injunctions in Great Yarmouth.  

Great Yarmouth Borough Council had previously secured an anti-social behaviour injunction against Billy Stratton, 19, previously of Chaucer Road, Great Yarmouth, as a result of multiple complaints about anti-social behaviour.  

This included an overarching condition banning him from engaging in, or threatening to engage in, behaviour which is capable of harassing, threatening or abusing any person residing in, visiting or otherwise engaging in a lawful activity in Chaucer Road, Great Yarmouth or its immediate neighbourhood.  

On November 30, Mr Stratton pleaded guilty at Great Yarmouth Magistrates’ Court to breaching the injunction.  

The court gave him to a six-week prison sentence, suspended for the duration of the injunction, which remains in place until August 6 next year.  

On the same day at court, Ray Sim, 52, of Regent Street, was proven to have breached, on four occasions, an anti-social behaviour injunction.  

Great Northern Close in Great Yarmouth.

Great Northern Close in Great Yarmouth. - Credit: Google Maps

The injunction banned him from entering or being in Great Northern Close.   

The case was proven in his absence.  

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Mr Sim was given a seven-week prison sentence, suspended for the life of the injunction, which expires on October 21 next year.  

Neither Mr Stratton nor Mr Sim are council tenants.  

Andy Grant, chairman of the neighbourhood and housing committee, said: “To support the well-being of our communities, the council takes a strong stance against anti-social behaviour on our estates, initially through informal actions and by offering support to help people amend their problem behaviours. 

“However, where this isn’t possible, the council works in partnership with Norfolk Constabulary to use all tools available, including anti-social behaviour injunctions, in order to protect nearby tenants who are negatively impacted by the behaviour of others. 

“In these cases, there was clear and vital evidence of anti-social behaviour reported by residents, which supported our robust action. If either one is found in breach again then they risk prison. We would like to thank the community for their ongoing support, and we would encourage anyone with concerns about anti-social behaviour on our estates to get in touch.”