Array of vessels to join forces for Yarmouth visit

Broads Ambition boat next to the MTB102

Broads Ambition boat next to the MTB102 - Credit: Archant

A selection of impressive vessels will be coming to Great Yarmouth for a grand collection.

Stock Image; HMS EXPLORER (foreground)

Stock Image; HMS EXPLORER (foreground) - Credit: Royal Navy

The Second World War torpedo boat MTB 102, will be arriving in town on Wednesday with HM patrol craft Explorer and Trumpeter.

Also visiting the town will be the Norfolk Broads motor cruiser Broad Ambition along with several other private crafts.

The idea was the brainchild of Charlie Griffin, the skipper of the Broad Ambition. He said his plan was to get the Broad Ambition alongside the HMS Explorer, but those plans soon developed to get even more vessels alongside them.

He added: “I was part of the renovation of the Broad Ambition and was part of the Diamond Jubilee celebrations in 2012.

“I also served on the HMS Explorer from 1994 to 1997 whilst serving in the Royal Navy.

“I have long had it on my bucket list to get the Broads Ambition together with the Explorer but for various reasons it has never happened – until now.

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“The current commanding officer of HMS Explorer kindly agreed to this get-together, explaining the Trumpeter would also be in


“That then developed into also bringing along the MTB 102 and some private craft also on board.

“I think it will be an impressive sight to see them all together.”

Mr Griffin said that people will be able to watch the boats from anywhere they choose along the river bank.

The timetable depending on the movements of the Royal Navy vessels is as follows:

Wednesday, July 20

3.30pm - MTB 102 to show up from the south, and the Broads Ambition and other craft to show up via the River Bure

3.45pm - MTB 102, Broad Ambition and a few private craft meet up off the breakwater and gather in formation with HMS Explorer and Trumpeter.

4pm - Boats to enter the breakwaters and proceed up river to South Quay.

4.45pm - Cllr Malcolm Bird, the mayor of Great Yarmouth to meet the craft on arrival of berthing.

Thursday, July 21:

9am - All craft to proceed for photo and filming

11am - Explorer and Trumpeter to sail north, Broad Ambition to sail to Lowestoft and enter Oulton Broad via Mutford Lock. Private crafts will either sail to Lowestoft or back to Yarmouth.