Ask the Mercury: Why are so many lights out on the A47?

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This week, a reader has asked us why so many lights are out on the A47 by William Adams Way. - Credit: Simon Carter / Archant

From queries about broken lights to rail services to Norwich and Cambridge, here are this week's Ask The Mercury Questions.

Third river crossing drone pictures Yarmouth

Why are there so many lights out on the A47 by William Adams Way? - Credit: Simon Carter

John King asked: "Why are there so many lights out on the A47 between the William Adams way roundabout and Pasteur Road roundabout.

"Are they waiting for the 3rd river crossing before they replace them?"

A spokesperson from Highways England said: "The street lights on the A47 are currently outdated sodium lanterns which are no longer manufactured and therefore can’t be replaced like for like. Over the last few months a lot of the lanterns have come to the end of their life and are no longer operating.

"National Highways has now sourced new LED lanterns which can blend in alongside the older sodium lanterns (different shades of lighting would be a distraction to drivers). There is a project in place to replace the lighting along the A47 throughout the spring."

ENTUA are campaigning for two hour train travel between Great Yarmouth and London. Picture: James B

Are trains running from Great Yarmouth to Norwich regularly and will there be a direct route to Cambridge? - Credit: Eastern Daily Press © 2015

Chris Wright asked on Facebook: "When will rail services go half hourly and extend to Cambridge?"

A spokesperson from Greater Anglia said: "We are now running a normal service on the Norwich-Great Yarmouth line, and the four additional peak services have been reinstated.

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"At present there are no plans to run direct trains between Great Yarmouth and Cambridge."

A puffin crossing.

Why do many of the town centre's crossing no longer beep? - Credit: James Weeds

Kevin asked: "Why do a number of pedestrian crossings in the town no longer make any noise to alert users when it is safe to cross?"

A spokesperson from Norfolk County Council said: "We do not install audible units where there are Dual Carriageways or staggered crossings, as it could indicate an invitation to cross on an opposing lane that could be misheard or confused by a visually impaired member of public placing them in danger and live traffic flows.

"As such, tactile rotating cones are installed to the underside of the push button units to assist with visually impaired members of public in crossing safely.

"Most pedestrian crossings installed where a single carriageway is being controlled will still have both audible units and tactile rotating cones."

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