Ask The Mercury: Will Russian ships still be in Yarmouth port?

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A reader has asked whether Russian trade ships will still be seen at Great Yarmouth's port. - Credit: Archant

From 17th century Great Yarmouth history to Russian ships in our ports, here are this week's questions from readers.

The North West Tower next the the River Bure in Great Yarmouth.Picture: James Bass

The Earl of Yarmouth presided when the town was still within the walled boundaries. - Credit: Eastern Daily Press © 2015

Zac Patterson asked on Facebook: "Has there ever been a Duke of Yarmouth or anything as such in the past?"

Great Yarmouth historian Colin Tooke said there has not been a Duke of Yarmouth, but there has been an Earl of Yarmouth.

Mr Tooke said: "The title Earl of Yarmouth was held for 53 years by members of the Paston family.

"Sir Robert Paston was made Viscount Yarmouth in 1673. By 1679, he was advanced to the title Earl of Yarmouth. When he died in 1683 the title passed to his son William Paston who then became the second Earl of Yarmouth.

"William was also appointed high steward of the borough. In 1687, James II made him treasurer to the royal household. When William died in 1732 the family line became extinct and the title Earl of Yarmouth disappeared."

The new Marina Centre Under construction in Great YarmouthByline: Sonya Duncan

Great Yarmouth's new Marina Centre will be opening in the summer. - Credit: Sonya Duncan

Rosa Chrystie-Lowe asked: “I’m really excited about the opening of the new Marina Centre, but when is it? Are there any plans for the new centre to have a swimming team?” 

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Great Yarmouth Borough Council said that an exact date for the opening of the new Marina Centre is yet to be confirmed. However, it is expected to be open around “late July”. 

Operators will be talking with local swimming groups in the near future about establishing events, but nothing has yet been confirmed. 

Malaviya Twenty, which is detained in Great Yarmouth after its crew failed to receive payment. Pictu

The Transport Secretary has said all Russian ships will be turned away from British ports. - Credit: David Hannant

Andrew Moore asked: “With all that’s happening in Ukraine and the sanctions put on Russia, will we still be getting Russian ships in Great Yarmouth harbour?” 

On Monday, Transport Secretary Grant Shapps announced that all Russian ships will be not be allowed access to any port in the UK. 

Mr Shapps said: “Putin and his allies must feel the full consequences of their vicious and illegal invasion of Ukraine. 

“That’s why from today, I’m instructing all UK ports to turn away any vessel that is flagged, registered, owned, or operated by Russia. By banning Russian ships from our ports, we are further isolating Russia and crushing its economic capabilities, starving Putin’s war machine.” 

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