Baby seal born on Yarmouth beach dies

A BABY seal born on Great Yarmouth beach died today despite the best efforts of the community to save it.

The grey pup was born on the beach adjacent to The Waterways yesterday and survived in the care of its mother till this afternoon.

Its death follows on from the concerted efforts of police and council workers, who had built sand banks around the parent and its infant for protection, and dog walkers who had kept vigilant watch over the pair.

Bev Cosse, chairwoman of the Seal and Bird Rescue Trust said she had not seen anything like it in her 16 years with the organisation.

“They’re meant to be born in colonies on isolated beaches like Horsey, and we’re not quite sure why the mother did this, and why the pup has died.”

She added that it had originally been planned to allow the pup to reside there for three weeks until it was old enough to enter the sea, as they had not wanted to separate the pair.