Has Banksy been in Great Yarmouth?

The artwork depicts a man and a woman dancing while an accordionist plays.

The street art appeared on Admiralty Road in Great Yarmouth sometime between Thursday evening and Friday morning. - Credit: James Weeds

A large street art mural has been painted behind a bus stop in Great Yarmouth, but was it the work of Banksy?

The piece, which depicts a man and a woman dancing while an accordionist plays, appeared behind the bus stop on Admiralty Road on Friday morning.

Close up of accordionist in the street art work.

What are your thoughts on the art work? Email james.weeds@archant.co.uk - Credit: James Weeds

Perry Bartram, a resident of the town, said: "It's exciting if the real Banksy has been to Great Yarmouth."

Kaavous Clayton, manager of Primeyarc art gallery alongside Jules Devonshire, said: "Artistic expression is an essential element of our cultural activity.

"Anything that raises the profile, importance and relevance of art and artists and their contribution to society is good.

"There are lots of artists working in Great Yarmouth and if this encourages people to seek them out and engage with their work too that would be great."

Are you the mystery artist behind the work? Email james.weeds@archant.co.uk

Close up of the man and woman dancing in the art work.

Was this the work of Banksy on Admiralty Road? - Credit: James Weeds

Close up of art work: man dancing with a cane.

The art work can be seen down Admiralty Road in Great Yarmouth. - Credit: James Weeds