Become an Octonaut Octo-Glow Explorer at Great Yarmouth Sea Life Centre

Octonauts Explorers at Great Yarmouth Sea Life Centre

Octonauts Explorers at Great Yarmouth Sea Life Centre - Credit: Great Yarmouth Sea Life Centre

Join the Octonauts on a brand new deep sea adventure and see the ocean in a whole new light at Great Yarmouth Sea Life Centre’s Octo-Glow Explorers event from April 29 until May 7.

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sealife logo - Credit: Archant

CBeebies’ most intrepid ocean explorers will be inviting younger children and their families to become honorary recruits of the Octonauts crew and join their special mission to uncover the secret world of glow in the dark sea creatures.

Youngsters can become an Octo-Glow Explorer in Shellington’s Octo-Glow Lab and take part in a range of inter-active activities to discover how creatures of the deep use light to hide from predators, attract their prey and even talk to each other.

Newly recruited sea scientists are also invited to share their findings in the Octo-Glow Lab with Kwazii and Peso during an Octo-Glow Explorer character meet and greet.

Post-mission, all honorary Octonauts are encouraged to find out about other quirky critters of the seas and Sea Life’s many conservation programmes by visiting the centre’s host of non glow in the dark creatures, including seahorses, penguins, otters and turtles and many more.

Octo-Glow Explorers is included in the usual admission price; book online and save up to 30pc per person. For information and to pre-book tickets please visit or call 01493 330631.