Belton Chainsaw Massacre and Fritton Woods Vietnam film from schoolboy directors

A CHAINSAW revs as terrified victims flee from a cold-blooded killer on the set of a chilling horror film.

But this is not the latest Hollywood blockbuster - the actors are Gorleston schoolboys, the “chainsaw” is a bike chain and pieces of wood, and the setting is Belton.

Ormiston Venture Academy pupils inspired by iconic slasher movies such as the Texas Chainsaw Massacre, have set up a production company and started shooting their own films, including the Belton Chainsaw Massacre.

Their films have taken their school by storm and have proved an internet hit, but teachers have had to cut some showings short as they were deemed too scary for other pupils.

Ryan Martins, 15, of Belton, is one of the editors behind Face Melting Productions.

“We were sat in an IT room doing our work when we first had the idea,” he explained. “We saw an ice cream advert and decided to make an evil ice cream film.”

They teamed up with friends from Lynn Grove High School to make films including the six-minute Belton Chainsaw Massacre - and captured the imagination of their classmates.

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“More people asked to be in our films, we auditioned them and let them join and it grew,” added Ryan.

“We put posters up when we’re making a new film but we can’t have a role for everyone.”

The group of more than a dozen have used DIY weapons and costumes - including a borrowed school lab coat covered in fake blood - to shoot their films in Fritton Woods, Bradwell Butchery and the Broads among other locations.

And they say they their films are dark and disturbing.

“Our teachers couldn’t play more than two minutes of the Belton Chainsaw Massacre as it was getting intense and too scary,” revealed Ryan. “There are a lot of psychological bits in it.

“A lot of our films are based around horror, but we attempted a Laurel and Hardy video too and we thought it went very successfully.”

The films are shot on a camera Alistair Nicholls, 14, got for Christmas and they take their work very seriously.

“Before we make a film I watch lots of other films and make notes,” explained Ryan.

“We hold meetings at school in our music room then we run through the script.”

The group is planning to enter a number of film competitions this year, and say they are teaming up with local record companies for a music video about torture and psychotic clowns which will be set in the Hippodrome.

The schoolboys took third place in their recent school talent show - Venture’s Got Talent - and they plan to keep plying their silver screen trade.

Their next movie - called Paradise - is an ambitious effort set during the Vietnam War.

“The absolute ultimate goal would be Hollywood,“ said Ryan. “But for now we will just stick with Yarmouth.”

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