Bakery has cleaned its act up after hygiene failures

Benge's Bakery in Bells Road, GorlestonPicture: Archant

Benge's Bakery in Bells Road, GorlestonPicture: Archant - Credit: Archant

The owners of a Gorleston bakery say they have addressed issues over hygiene that were raised in a Great Yarmouth Borough Council inspection.

Benge’s Bakery in Bells Road was inspected on Wednesday, April 18 by the council with a report saying there were a number of areas where owners Carl and Debbie Whitmore had failed to comply with food hygiene legislation.

Issues included raw sausage and bacon stored next to pastry items and fruit and vegetables in fridges, dirty cloths and a filthy oven mitt and part of a ceiling starting to collapse in the back of the kitchen.

There was also an issue of a build up of dirt attracting small pests, such as slugs and spiders to make their home, and filthy fridges and freezers and four bins being in a disgusting state.

A mop and bucket were said to be so dirty they needed replacing.

Mr and Mrs Whitmore say they have tackled all the issues raised and Mrs Whitmore said: “We have worked hard to get it back to where we want it to be.”

Mrs Whitmore said she expected another inspection later this month, which would hopefully show all the issues have been dealt with.

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A further visit carried out nine days later after April 18’s visit said the Whitmores have “started to clean most areas” and the issue with the ceiling had been looked at.