Blofield man threw woman in river and raped her, court is told

A WOMAN was thrown into a river after a night out in Norwich by a man who then pushed her under the water before allegedly raping her twice, a court has heard.

Adrian Olley, 29, of Woodbastwick Road, Blofield, has gone on trial at Norwich Crown Court accused of two counts of rape and one of threats to kill against a woman on June 9.

Richard Potts, prosecuting, said the woman, who cannot be named for legal reasons, had been out in Norwich on June 8 and was in Prince of Wales Road at about 4.30am the next morning when someone called her name from a taxi.

She got into the cab, which was carrying the defendant and another woman, but asked the driver to let her out along Riverside Road following “exchanges” between her and Olley.

The jury, of five men and seven women, heard the woman went down the steps at Bishop Bridge leading to a path next to the River Wensum but was followed by Olley.

Mr Potts said an argument ensued between the pair, who had both been drinking, during the course of which Olley “picked her up in a bear hug and threw her in the river”.

He said: “He was pushing her head with his foot to push her under the water.”

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Mr Potts said Olley then made remarks towards the victim which have been interpreted as threats to kill.

Having got her out of the water, the court heard Olley then raped her on some steps nearby.

During the ordeal, which Mr Potts said she “didn’t want”, she hit her head on the steps after being pushed and lost consciousness temporarily.

Afterwards the woman tried to gather her things together but again ended up on the water but managed to get out in a soaked, “dishevelled” and “distressed” state, before being raped again.

Mr Potts said she then, “in a state of some distress”, managed to get up, leaving behind her boots, knickers and skirt and ran up the steps in just her top.

He said that she, “muddy, dishevelled, crying, and upset”, saw two young men and ran to them to get them to call the police.

Mr Potts said in due course a number of injuries were noted following the encounter, which, he said, was “not consensual”.

Olley, who has pleaded not guilty to the offences, was arrested and in interview told police she fell into the river, adding the intercourse was entirely consensual and that she was an “active and willing participant”.

Mr Potts said that will be a matter for the jury to decide.

The court also heard police interviews in which the victim described what happened to her.

She said they were arguing and then he disappeared before he came back. She said: “I told him to leave me alone.”

She said he took her down to the river and she kept falling over because he was dragging her. She said: “I just said, ‘please, leave me alone’.”

But she then told police how she was picked up and thrown in the river and then “felt something on my head that made me go under”.

She said he then dragged her out by her hair and onto the steps where he raped her despite her “doing everything” she could to “get him off me”. She said she then went into the water again, got out but was raped for a second time.

The trial continues.