Boat tips for winter safety

BOAT owners should double check the security of their boat before packing it away for the winter months, according to Norfolk police group BroadsBeat.

Historically, opportunist thieves have targeted boats that have been left unattended, insecure and where items have been left on display.

PC Paul Bassham said: “Boat owners and hirers spend a lot of money buying and maintaining their boats, so the last thing you want is to be a victim of theft.

“It is important to take the security of your boat as seriously as you would your home, ensuring it is left secure and making life difficult for criminals to steal your boat and items on board.

“If you haven’t already, make sure you have a detailed list of your boating equipment including serial numbers which is first line of defence against thieves, which proves invaluable if your property is stolen”.

Boat owners are being told to never leave anything valuable on display, however small or insignificant it may seem, or leave anything loose in the cockpit or on the deck.

Owners also being told to keep boat keys separate from engine keys, and to use strong padlocks or rimlocks on all hatches, entry points and cockpit lockers.

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As a reminder, BroadsBeat has a number of outboard engine covers for sale which replaces the motor’s cowling making the engine less attractive to thieves when boats are left unattended on moorings.

The cover can be bought in three sizes at a range of prices from Hoveton police station on Monday or Friday mornings. For more information call 0845 456 4567.