Police issue warning after vessels cast adrift

The Broadsbeat police launch at Wroxham Photo : Steve Adams

The Broadsbeat police launch at Wroxham Photo : Steve Adams - Credit: Steve Adams

Boat owners are being warned to be vigilant after vessels were cast adrift from their moorings.

The warning comes from the Norfolk Police BroadsBeat team after three reported incidents in the last week.

Sometime between 4pm on Tuesday, June 19 and 10.50am the next day, a boat was untethered from its moorings at a quay in Great Yarmouth.

The boat drifted along the river and damaged a number of other vessels. The windows of the boat were also damaged.

Five dinghies moored in Barton Turf were cast adrift sometime overnight on Saturday, June 23.

Then a boat was set adrift while it was moored in Wroxham between 11pm on Saturday, June 23 and 3am on Sunday, June 24.

PC Paul Bassham, beat manager, said: “What might seem light hearted could have serious consequences and I’d urge people to think twice before indulging in this kind of behaviour.”

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Anyone with information call the BroadsBeat team on 101.