Four-year-old Bradwell girl donates to Ukrainian children

Raimie Cleveland.

Raimie Cleveland is not your typical 4-year-old. She has helped collect donations for children and pets affected by the conflict in Ukraine. - Credit: Emily Cleveland

A four-year-old girl who "wants to change the world" has been collecting donations for children and animals affected by conflict in Ukraine.

Bradwell pre-schooler Raimie Cleveland was so worried when she found out what was happening in Ukraine she knew she had to do something to help.

Raimie insisted on visiting the area to help those in need, but her mother told her it was too dangerous to do so.

Determined to help in some way, four-year-old Raimie started collecting clothes, toys and pet food for those still in war-torn Ukraine.

Raimie Cleveland wearing a Ukraine shirt.

Raimie's efforts were acknowledged when Just Designed made her a custom Ukrainian love heart shirt. - Credit: Emily Cleveland

Raimie's mother, Emily Cleveland, said: "She is such an empathetic little girl. She is so kind and all she cares about is making other people happy.

"At first, we tried to not let her know about what was going on in Ukraine, but she ended up finding out anyway. She began to worry about what would happen if something like that happened over here."

To try and ease her concerns, Raimie was informed about the ongoing crisis by her stepfather, ex-soldier Neil Hollands.

The Cleveland family began taking donations and helped set one up at Binky's cafe in Belton. They received seven bags of clothes, two bags of nappies, one bag of toys and a bag of mixed pet food, which was all sent to Ukraine on Thursday.

Clothes and nappies

Clothes, toys, nappies and pet food were sent to Ukraine on Thursday thanks to Raimie's efforts. - Credit: Emily Cleveland

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The family are still collecting and will send more items away next week.

Miss Cleveland added: "The new generation is always expected to be a certain way. But Raimie just wants to change the world. She's not your typical little girl - currently, she has an obsession with dinosaurs and wants to become a palaeontologist."

"She has big dreams and we totally support her."

Raimie Cleveland.

Four-year-old Raimie Cleveland heard what had happened in Ukraine and wanted to do something to help. - Credit: Emily Cleveland

Miss Cleveland said her daughter would like to visit Ukraine - especially to see the children and the dogs - once the conflict is over.

The Cleveland family thanked Cerico, Just Designed, Binky's cafe, and Dutch Plumbing and Renewable Heating for all their help in collecting donations.

If anyone would like to make a donation, use the drop-off point at Binky's cafe.