Bradwell villagers left without BT phone line

BT engineers worked around the clock to restore phone lines to Bradwell after the village was left without a phone line for a week following a fault in a cable.

The fault caused power to be lost to landline phones in the Bradwell and Gorleston area on Thursday, August 11, but BT was unable to fix the problem until last Wednesday.

A spokesman for the telecommunications firm said 130 calls were received reporting faults.

She added: “There was a fault on one of our cables which occurred around August 11; we worked continuously to fix this fault and at times engineers were working 24/7.

“All customers were restored on August 18 according to our records.”

One of those affected was pensioner Margaret Willis, who lives in Church Lane, Bradwell, who said that the service disruption had forced her to re-route all her landline calls through her mobile.

However, she believed she had spent �8 more than she should using her mobile because calls within a 30 mile radius made on her landline are free.

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Her internet connection had not been affected.

But she said not all homes in the area lost their phone lines and she knew of some neighbours who emerged unscathed.

“A neighbouring home’s phone was not off, but another neighbour had been cut off. It seemed to follow a random pattern,” Miss Willis said.

The former teacher at Alderman Leach and Claydon High schools in Great Yarmouth said she knew of a number of homes in Sun Lane, Bradwell which had also been affected by the cut.

The BT spokesman urged those still experiencing problems to call them.

Are you still having problems? Call reporter Dominic Bareham on 01493 847955.