Brexit Party founder’s Conservative membership rejected after podcast appearance where she stood by anti-Islam tweets

Catherine Blaiklock, Brexit Party founder. Photo: Andrew McMeekin Photography

Catherine Blaiklock, Brexit Party founder. Photo: Andrew McMeekin Photography - Credit: Archant

Norfolk-based former leader of the Brexit Party Catherine Blaiklock has been kicked out of the Conservative Party less than 24 hours after she revealed her membership on a political podcast.

Ms Blaiklock, who once stood for Ukip in Great Yarmouth and later launched the anti-EU party with Nigel Farage, revealed she had joined the Tories on Chopper's Brexit Podcast, hosted by the Telegraph's Christopher Hope, and showed the journalist her membership number.

But the Conservative Party said her application, which was subject to final approval, had been denied. A spokesman said: "Catherine Blaiklock's application for membership of the Conservative Party has been rejected."

Ms Blaiklock, who makes a point in the interview that she has a black husband and two Nepalese children, told the podcast she signed up two weeks ago because "this is now about getting Brexit over the line" and she said the Brexit Party had "other ambitions" such as Nigel Farage and Richard Tice getting seats in Parliament.

She said Boris Johnson was the only one who could get Brexit through and "it's quite clear that some of the actions that the Brexit Party have taken are hindering the process at this point and not helping it".

She gave the example of the Brecon and Radnorshire by-election, which she said made her and other brexiteers "very angry".

She said when she told Mr Farage she had joined the Tories "he did not have a reaction particularly".

Ms Blaiklock resigned from the Brexit Party in March after anti-Islam tweets she sent in the past came to light.

She called this a "left-wing vendetta" but when Mr Hope read those tweets to her she said she stood by them.

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She said: "I believe [Islam is] a political ideology and I would stand by that still. This is the problem in Britain you can't say - there's self censorship on everything constantly."

Speaking to this newspaper Ms Blaiklock said it was only after the podcast had aired that her membership was rejected.

She said: "And it was central office who cancelled it even though the local branch knows who I am."

She said: "The problem is the party and 200 Conservative MPs are remainers. Totally out of touch with the country and the membership."

She added: "Without free speech, our society is as doomed as the Titanic."