Broads boating warning from police

ALCOHOL and water are a dangerous cocktail- that is the message from the police following a number of boating incidents in the Broads.

The advice to not mix the two follows a busy bank holiday weekend where Norfolk Constabulary’s specialist Broads Beat team received a number of calls reporting anti-social behaviour in the area.

Among these there were several reports of boat users being noisy and inconsiderate to others and cases where the people were drunk on board a boat.

While out on patrol, officers stopped many boat users and offered them a few words of advice for their own safety.

PC Paul Bassham said: “We would like to remind those at the helm of a vessel that there are hefty fines for navigating when not in proper control of your boat whether this is due to taking drugs or being intoxicated.

“There were incidents over the weekend where boats were out of control and hitting into nearby boats, causing damage.

“People need to be aware and alert at all times and pay attention to changes in weather conditions especially the wind”.

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Whilst on patrol officers also gave words of advice to boat hirers for using disposable BBQs onboard the boat. On occasions officers have witnessed boat users striking up a BBQ next to the fuel tank.

The Broads Beat team made up of nine officers will be carrying out patrols throughout the high season to deal with crime and anti-social behaviour on the broads.