Build your own bikes plan with TeamGY’s cycling expert

PROJECTS powered by enthusiasm and generosity could radiate across Great Yarmouth under the TeamGY banner bringing the benefits of cycling and bike ownership to those who need it most.

Cycling enthusiast Neil Turner, of Gorleston, was so inspired by The Mercury’s campaign to make things happen that he has pledged to offer project assistance and already has a raft of ideas to get the ball rolling.

His social enterprise ActivatingCIC has transformed biking to school rates from 2pc to 15pc in parts of Great Yarmouth and was this week in Ormesby proving free bike checks and repairs to school children and adults.

He said: “We love the idea and agree we could do something amazing in our town to transform this summer’s inspiration to participation. We are happy to offer some project management, leadership, inspiration or just a pair of extra hands.”

But as well as helping others he has deserving schemes of his own that he is keen to make happen with community, council and volunteer help.

“What we do all day long is to try and inspire people to get off their backsides and make something happen, and to a large degree it doesn’t matter what that is just as long as you get out there and make a difference. We have energy, enthusiasm and passion and I think if we could get a group of like-minded people together we could take on some challenges.

“As well as what we do for a living we have worked out that we do 500 hours volunteering for our local cycling club, and have some really exciting ideas about how we can do something.”

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One project buzzing around his head is to work with neighbourhood teams to set something up to help the young unemployed to build their own bikes and get mobile.

The project would need a premises - maybe an empty council building or space at Vauxhall station - and a range of skills from mechanics to tea making.

Mr Turner said the aim would be to recycle old bikes, build new one and get youngsters mobile and enjoying the health benefits of being active.

“We really want to try and create something for the masses of unemployed in Great Yarmouth and this project involves a bit of sport and ticks all the boxes. We want to create something for this town but there will be other things we need. It has the potential to unite people from all different backgrounds to create a really positive outcome.”

Under the scheme he envisages a bike cafe and possibly a film-making element, bringing some creative skills. Another possible scheme would target the holiday trade with rickshaws operated by young people.

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