Traders settling into their new homes on Great Yarmouth's £4.7m market revamp have said there has been more interest from passers by.

Since the end of April, stallholders started shifting their stock from their old stalls and filling the shelves of their new units in the completed first phase of the redevelopment.

Once the other phases are completed, the new covered market will have 26 main stalls of different sizes, as well as two kiosks and spaces for pop-up traders.

Extra Essentials - who sell watch batteries, straps and clothing accessories - was the first business to move into the new build.

Owners Sal and Sandra Nowman said their first month in the new build has been "very good".

Mr Nowman said: "The first month has been more than I expected.

"Our regulars have found us and we have more trade coming in."

The stallholders said they have noticed more footfall around the market place in general.

Mrs Nowman said: "It’s just nice to see all the traders in. We're all set up and getting our customers coming back to us.”

Mr Nowman added: "Everybody’s more or less in. I'm glad it's going to plan."

One of the more recent businesses to move into the new market is Jack's Flower Stall.

Co-owner, Sophie Howlett said the move is progress.

Mrs Howlett said: "It's nice and easy - the electric shutters make it more convenient to set up.

"We need to settle in first before we make our company more up to date with fixtures and fittings."

She said the stall's customer base is about the same as it was before the move, but the "eye-catching" build is garnering more interest from shoppers.

Mrs Howlett added: "Hopefully this will encourage newer and younger customers to come in."

But some had misgivings over the move.

Heather Jenner was beginning a new chapter for her stall, Quality Books, after the move, but said the unit was not all she had hoped for.

She worked on her old stall for 22 years and said the move has "been a big change".

"It's a lot easier to set up than my old stall and I'm getting customers in. But it's just not what I would pick.

"It's a reasonable size, but it hasn't got any character.

"I’m really not happy with what I was given. But we're getting on with it."