Green energy drive at leisure centre sees 170 solar panels installed

The solar panels being installed at the Phoenix Leisure Centre

The solar panels being installed at the Phoenix Leisure Centre - Credit: GYBC

A major investment at a leisure centre is seeing the installation of 170 solar panels to help cut down on the site's energy bills.

A total of £132,885 is being invested at Phoenix Leisure Centre in Bradwell as its operators Freedom Leisure have committed to reducing energy use and carbon emissions.

The installations include 170 photovoltaic solar panels, pool pump motor upgrades, plant room thermal insulation and a new building energy management system to monitor energy usage effectively.

It is said the new equipment will lower the centre's carbon emissions by 31 tonnes per year, which is equivalent to taking 16 cars off the road. 

The reduction in electricity consumption by 157,054 kWh is comparable to switching off 367 televisions for four hours a day per year.

Freedom Leisure operate the Phoenix Leisure Centre on behalf of Great Yarmouth Borough Council and will be running the Marina Centre when it opens on the Golden Mile next month.