Energy crisis: The holiday park fearing it will run out of fuel

Calor gas cylinders have been in high demand in north Norfolk due to the staycation boom. Image: Arc

Calor Gas says it has invested in new cylinders and recruitment in a bid to improve availability over the summer. - Credit: Archant

A caravan park has said its supply of liquid petroleum gas has become so unreliable it may have to cancel bookings.

Grasmere, in Caister, relies on cannisters supplied by Calor Gas to enable its guests to heat their units and to cook.

But since the pandemic their deliveries either never come or are a fraction of what was ordered.

Tim Peers said he was worried that caravan parks, especially the smaller ones, would get the same reputation as airlines for cancelling trips if things carried on as they were.

He said: "We would usually order ten to 25 19kg cylinders.

"Since the pandemic we are lucky if we get ten.

"Following our most recent order we had two 15kg bottles three weeks ago.

People are being encouraged to vist scenic Norfolk destinations, such as Caister Picture: James Bass

Grasmere caravan park is a small park in Caister, a Norfolk village with a tourist-draw beach and numerous pubs. Its frustrated owners say an unreliable supply of LPG is a threat to their business, and one that has largely gone unreported. - Credit: Eastern Daily Press © 2014

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Mr Peers said he counted an elderly couple among caravan owners who needed a properly heated holiday home for medical reasons and if it wasn't warm they wouldn't be able to come.

Grasmere, started by Mr Peers' grandparents, is approaching its centenary.

It has around 44 owners and a fleet of ten holiday homes for hire.

Although they were offering electric heaters and microwaves, it was an expensive solution that wouldn't suit everyone, he said.

If the crisis continued it could lead to cancellations and owners asking for discounts if they couldn't stay on the park amounting to a serious threat to the business.

Mr Peers said he had contacted Brandon Lewis MP, Kwasi Kwarteng MP, and the trade association and urged other businesses that were struggling to speak out.

A spokesman for Calor Gas apologised and said the park would receive a delivery on Wednesday (June 8).

He said: "We experienced cylinder availability issues due to sustained high levels of demand and the impact the pandemic had on our operational staff and supply chain.

"Over the winter months, we prioritised the delivery of key winter cylinders (larger sizes) to domestic customers who were reliant on them for heating and hot water, and industries reliant on LPG such as hospitals and care homes.

"This has meant that as we transitioned to the summer sizes the availability of some of our other cylinder sizes has been impacted.

"We have invested heavily in new cylinder stock for 2022 and have also continued recruitment so that we are better able to prepare new and returned cylinders which will further improve availability. 

"We apologise to anyone who has not been able to obtain their gas as readily as they are used to."