Danny’s tickled pink to see his company grow

pink office

pink office - Credit: Archant

Just 12 months after launching his office supplies company, a thrilled Danny Western moved into bigger premises – and has never looked back.

His Pink Office Ltd company which supplies all types of office products from stationery to office furniture to printer inks, is based in the Beacon Park Innovation Centre.

But it is not what many people would expect from a supplier of office goods – in fact there is not s stitch of stock anywhere to be seen in this clean, fresh and modern office with its pink décor and furniture.

It is designed how Danny first envisaged his own business would look.

Instead, of stock on site it is all off-site with the company operating as a stockless dealer, utilising the latest software and organising orders from the office but distributed direct from their wholesaler.

As such, it drastically cuts the operational costs associated with the traditional stationers.

Danny set Pink Office Ltd up in November 2011 following a desire to work for himself after 12 years in the office supplies industry. And he has seen his business grow.

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He currently employs four staff and is looking to add two more in the new year.

“I wanted to work for myself and run a company based around my vision of how a modern office supplies company should operate, “ said Danny. “And have the freedom to host charitable events.”

And already the company has raised an impressive amount of money for charities.

He had been aware of NWES for several years having dealt with hundreds of local companies many of whom had been resident at various NWES centres and Danny explained: “NWES has always been on my radar.”

He added: “We have always found NWES staff to be very friendly, well trained and helpful at all times. As the preferred supplier to all NWES locations, we are extremely grateful to the management for their continued support and help in promoting our business to other NWES tenants.”

And Danny’s tips to other entrepreneurs either considering starting their own company, or still a fledgling in their operations, is “never underestimate the value of customer service.”

Pink Office Ltd, Beacon Park Innovation Centre