Restaurant given zero food hygiene rating was storing raw meat next to salad

Gabby in Great Yarmouth has been handed a zero-star food hygiene rating. Picture: Joseph Norton

Gabby in Great Yarmouth has been handed a zero-star food hygiene rating. Picture: Joseph Norton - Credit: Archant

A restaurant had a kitchen which was in need of a “deep clean” and was storing raw meat next to ready to eat salad, a hygiene inspector has said.

The diner Gabby in George Street, Great Yarmouth, was given a zero-star food hygiene rating - the lowest grade possible - when it was inspected in March this year.

The inspector raised a number of concerns over the standard of cleanliness and food hygiene practices at the restaurant including cross-contamination of raw meat and dirty hobs.

In the report, the inspector said: "Inside the grey food fridge a raw pork loin was being stored next to ready to eat salad and vegetables.

"You must keep raw food separate from ready to eat foods, store raw meat and vegetables at the bottom of the fridge."

The diner was also criticised for reheating their pork kebab more than once which created a "high risk" of a customer contracting food poisoning and becoming ill from eating the pork.

The inspector said she had worked with the restaurant to help improve food hygiene practices and was "disappointed" the standard of cleanliness had deteriorated.

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The report also highlighted food in the fridge was unable to stay below the legal limit of eight degrees.

"High risk" food including cooked rice was reaching 17.2 degrees and a jar of garlic puree which was past its best before date read 12.3 degrees.

The whole kitchen was found to be in need of a "deep clean" as dirt and grease had built up throughout the premises.

The inspector identified the "filthy" seals inside the food fridge, dirty hobs on top of the oven and the seal around the sink being black with mould as the main areas for concern relating to cleanliness.

A number of food items in the fridge were found to be out of date including feta cheese and two plain yoghurts.

The report said the inspector identified the same problem - relating to out of date food - when the diner was last inspected and the Food Standards Agency would be considering formal action due to the diner's "poor track record".

Repeated attempts to contact the restaurant have been unsuccessful.