Great Yarmouth firm celebrates £500,000 investment package


An example of the crane simulator at work - Credit: Enermech

An international company with a Great Yarmouth offshore operations support site has invested £500,000 in crane simulators.

EnerMech has operated in the town since 1995 and employs 35 people at its Southtown Road site.

The company has invested £500,000 in advanced crane simulator training systems for its Yarmouth site and also in sister sites in Qatar and Angola.

Called KraneSIm, the simulators deliver a wide range of training environments including fixed installations, floating platforms and vessels, with various crane models, load-types and subsea configurations. 

EnerMech’s head of training Jennifer Batchelor said: “Undertaking crane lifting operations safely is a highly skilled job, and ensuring personnel are competent and certified to support this is essential.

"The KraneSIM technology creates a safe environment for operators to build confidence and develop strong decision-making skills under pressure that could ultimately save lives and negate downtime offshore."

The company's Great Yarmouth site delivers crane and lifting support,  and provides services to onshore and offshore operators across the Southern North Sea, in addition to nuclear and decommissioning services.