Circus reassures visitors as show delayed due to safety inspections

The Hippodrome has not received any funding from the government's culture recovery fund.

The Hippodrome Circus delayed entry to customers while they carried out safety inspections. - Credit: James Bass

A circus in Great Yarmouth has reassured customers that there will be no further disruptions after plaster had fallen from the ceiling.

The town's Hippodrome Circus delayed a matinee show on Wednesday after a piece of plaster had fallen from the ceiling.

Before the scheduled show, circus staff were carrying out routine technical checks on rigging and lights.

As one of the lights was hoisted back into position above the ring, plaster fell from the ceiling and customers were delayed while safety checks were carried out.

jack jay

Jack Jay, owner of Hippdrome Circus, said staff were carrying out 'due diligence' after a piece of plaster had fallen from the ceiling. - Credit:

Hippodrome owner Jack Jay said: "We were performing a routine technical check on our rigged lights before the public came in the building.

"As the one of the lights was hoisted into the air, a small portion of plaster that's next to where the rope pulls through had come down and caused us to stop what we were doing to make sure that we carried out all the relevant checks.

"Because it happened within a relatively close amount of time before we opened to the public, we held the doors to the public while inspections were carried out.

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"We wanted to make sure we did our due diligence.

"We also took the time to get a trusted professional from the industry to have a look and make sure everything was fine."

Once the circus had been told it was safe to carry on with the planned event, customers made their way to their seats.

"There were no further issues," said Mr Jay.

"it was more of a case of us being overly cautious in making sure everything was absolutely fine.

"The show went ahead and we haven't had any interruptions in being open.

"There is certainly no cause for concern of it being a wider problem."

Auld Lang Syne is played during the New Years Eve performance at Gt.Yarmouth Hippodrome Circus. PICT

The owners of the Hippodrome Circus have assured the public that their are regular safety checks for staff and customers. - Credit: Archant

Mr Jay said that visual inspections of the property and equipment take place throughout the season, with regular rigging checks for performers carried out almost daily.

At the end of every season, there are full maintenance inspections to ensure the circus can continue operating to the public.

No upcoming shows are expected to be disrupted.