First trader moves into Great Yarmouth's £4.7m market revamp

Sal Nowman in front of his new market stall.

Sal Nowman, owner of Extra Essentials, is the first trader to set up shop inside Great Yarmouth's £4.7m market revamp. - Credit: James Weeds

The first stall has opened inside Great Yarmouth's new £4.7m market space.

Since the beginning of last April, the town centre has been dominated by the sight of the ongoing marketplace development.

On Tuesday, Sal and Sandra Nowman's business - Extra Essentials - was the first of the stalls to open inside the new build.

Sal Nowman opens his stall for business.

Sal Nowman, 59, opened the doors to his new market stall on Great Yarmouth Market Place on Tuesday. - Credit: James Weeds

Among other things, Mr and Mrs Nowman sell watches, straps and batteries. 

Mr Nowman, 59, said it was nice to be the first business inside the new market, but added: "it will be even nicer when the other traders are in and the market is fully operational".

Essential Extras had previously been on the old market site for 12 years. Mr and Mrs Nowman closed their old stall last week and took three-and-a-half days to move their stock and set up their new premises.

Mr Nowman said: "This new stall is more than double than what I had previously.

"Now we can add more lines and customers can browse around.

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"I’m very happy here."

Sal Nowman in front of his stock of watch straps.

Sal Nowman said he has double the space inside his new market stall. - Credit: James Weeds

Mr Nowman said he is excited for the future of the town, especially as more of his fellow market traders will be setting up in their new units over the next few weeks.

"It's great to see the market being done," Mr Nowman added.

"And we have the new Marina Centre to look forward to as well. It's great to see all this investment being spent on making the town a better place for everyone."

The exterior of Extra Essentials, showing an inside look of the new market building.

A sneak peek into the interior of the new market building. Extra Essentials' stall is on the right. - Credit: James Weeds

As well as watches, straps and batteries, Extra Essentials also sell fashion jewellery, hair accessories, scarves and sunglasses. The new stall is open Monday to Saturday, 9am until 4pm.

Other businesses that will be making the move include Unique Sweets, Market Cards and Sean and Lucy Dearn's new chips, pies and peas stall.

Earlier this month, a borough council spokesperson said: “We look forward to the gradual opening of the new building in early May."

The move has caused some controversy with some stall holders not relocating to the new structure - including Barrie's Tea Stall and Brewer's Chips - ending years of tradition in the town centre.

The other side of the new build, with a fence surrounding the development.

More traders will be moving into the new market building over the next few weeks. - Credit: James Weeds

The exterior of the new market building.

Extra Essentials' new stall is directly in front of Great Yarmouth Market Place Poundland. - Credit: James Weeds

The old market looking empty.

Fewer stalls remain inside the old marketplace as existing traders begin to make the move into the new build. - Credit: James Weeds