100m queues for final chips as Yarmouth traders say farewell

brewers crowd

Crowds of people turned out for Brewers last day of trading. - Credit: Ella Wilkinson

It's meant to be fast food, but customers faced a 45 minute wait for chips on Great Yarmouth market, as hundreds turned up for the final day for four of its best-loved traders.

Crowds started queuing at 9am on Saturday for a final portion from Brewers Chip Saloon, which was established 120 years ago, and the long lines lasted throughout the day.

Great Yarmouth market is being revamped as part of a £4.7m scheme by Great Yarmouth Borough Council, who say the investment will create a great asset for the town.

But traders from Brewers Chip Saloon, the Pie and Pea Stall, Niks, Naks and Naughties and the Fruit and Veg Stall will not be moving in to the new development and ceased trading on Saturday.

frank pitt

Frank Pitt, 67, has been going to Brewers for over 60 years. - Credit: Ella Wilkinson

Frank Pitt, 67, from Great Yarmouth, has been going to Brewers since he was six years old.

"It's an end of an era," he said.

"It's sad, I remember coming down for my chips in the 1960s watching how they cut the potatoes and made the chips.

"Lots of fond memories.

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"It's sad that some of the oldest established traders aren't moving in to the new units."

andy yarmo market

Andy Wright, 61, wants to find a permanent shop now he is leaving Great Yarmouth Marketplace - Credit: Ella Wilkinson

Andy Wright, 61, from Salthouse, has been on Great Yarmouth market for 15 years with his stall Niks Naks and Naughties.

"I had to put my big boy pants on this morning," he joked.

"It's a sad day having to pack up but that's just life.

"Customers have been so nice, coming up to see me, thanking me for looking after them over the years.

"I'll still be in the square on a Friday and the plan is to find a shop in north Norfolk.

"I'd like to thank all my customers over the years. I've loved my job. I love Great Yarmouth."

gary jonathan pea and pie

72-year-old Gary Salmon with his son Jonathan Salmon at the pie and pea stall on Great Yarmouth's market. - Credit: Ella Wilkinson

Gary Salmon took over from his father's business, the pea and pie stall, in 1946 and now runs it with his son Jonathan.

For Jonathan, working with his father has meant the world.

He said: "I've been fortunate to work with so many good people on the market, both traders and customers.

"Without my dad giving me this job I don't know where I would be.

"These last 20 years I've enjoyed.

"It's hard because it means so much to us.

"It has been a dream job. We are so blessed to the people of Great Yarmouth."


Bella and Bradley enjoy some chips from Brewers on their last day of trading. - Credit: Ella Wilkinson

market great yarmouth

It was a day of high emotions at Great Yarmouth market. - Credit: Ella Wilkinson