Driver shortage leads to timber pile up at harbour

Richard Goffin, port director for Peel Ports Great Yarmouth, announced plans to develop a further pa

Richard Goffin, director at Peel Ports Great Yarmouth - Credit: TMS Media

The boss at Great Yarmouth's Outer Harbour says a shortage of haulage drivers is leading to a build up of timber at the site.

While the port is said to be unaffected by supply issues affecting container ports such as Felxistowe, it has seen fewer lorry drivers turning up to collect timber deliveries off vessels.

Richard Goffin, director of Peel Ports Great Yarmouth, said there was about 10,000 cubic metres of timber waiting to be collected.

Mr Goffin said: "There is not the availability of hauliers they would like."

In regard to issues affecting other major ports, he added the national supply line chain was heavily reliant on a few core key locations such as Dover and Felixstowe.

Pacific Orca in Great Yarmouth outer harbour being loaded up with wind turbine components. Pic by TM

A flashback picture of wind turbine blades being delivered at the Outer Harbour - Credit: Archant

Mr Goffin said: "The ripple effect is absolutely massive."

He added that apart from a focus on supplying timber, the port was also focussed on receiving aggregates.

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Looking forward Mr Goffin said the construction of the third river crossing and an offshore energy campus will help improve the port's offer.