Great Yarmouth Palace casino application

A GREAT Yarmouth town centre has applied for planning permission to convert its bingo hall into a casino.

Palatial Leisure Ltd has applied to Yarmouth Borough Council for permission to convert the bingo hall in Church Plain into a casino.

The overall existing floor space of the bingo hall is 2,700 sqm and there are no plans to alter this, although the overall bingo use is to remain with a small loss of 10pc of the seating area.

However, the applicants have also stated they intend to use some of the floor space for a sports betting office and an application could be sent in for this at a later date.

The change of use is needed because licensing laws do not allow a casino within a bingo hall, though they do allow a bingo hall in a casino.

The current opening hours, 10.30am to 11pm, will remain the same and there will not be any changes in staffing levels.

Parking provision will also remain the same with a rooftop car park retained for customer and staff use with further public parking available in Church Plain and Fullers Hill.

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The borough council granted permission for the building to be used as a bingo hall in July 2003 and the hall opened in July 2005.

In 2007, an application was submitted to the council to create the casino within a disused area of the building with staff and customer parkig available on the roof.

A planning officers’ report states the bingo hall and casino have become popular and well used features within the town as a whole.