Great Yarmouth pub looking at ways to improve night security


Peggotty's will be hosting security training events and is looking for ways to improve communications between night time venues. - Credit: James Weeds

A Great Yarmouth pub is working on improving safety for the night time economy.

Peggotty's on King Street is to hold a training event for security personnel who require top ups for their Security Industry Authority (SIA) door supervisor licence.

Pub director Gail Smith said: "Since the pandemic, everywhere in the night time economy is struggling with staff as a whole.

"The major problem for open-later venues is door staff.

"It's not just having the people available, they also need qualifications and experience in that environment."

Gail Smith at Mixsmiths.

Gail Smith said she feels more communication is needed between venues at night time. - Credit: James Weeds

Due to cancellations of top up courses through the pandemic, many SIA licences expired.

Peggotty's is working with Elite Academy of Norwich and they will be providing the top up course inside the venue on January 20 and 21.

Ms Smith said she wants to ensure information is being shared between different venues in the town to minimise risks patrons may face on a night out.

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Ms Smith said: "At the moment, information is not being shared amongst companies.

"It's a major problem for the safety of both customers and venue staff.

"We've been trying to come up with a solution and we've put together a security company, with bar staff and appropriate people in for their SIA certificates.

"We want the same people on the doors each week, so customers know them and they know the customers.

"It just completely makes sense.

"That's what the town needs."

Ms Smith said it is important security teams are seen in a position of being able to help people.

"We just want to keep it safe for everybody," Ms Smith said.

"We need communication between venues so rather than the next venue having the same issues a different venue may have encountered earlier, we can stop it on entry.

"We can pre-empt issues and we can be pro-active rather than reactive."

Ms Smith is also expected to be meeting with Norfolk Constabulary to discuss a pubwatch scheme to increase communication between night time venues and security teams.

Police received a call from a woman in East Cambridgeshire about an online relationship she believed she was involved in.

Norfolk Constabulary said they work with different venues to ensure safety for patrons and venue staff in the town's night time economy. - Credit: POLICE

A spokesperson for police said: "We work alongside licenced premises throughout the year to enhance safety within the night-time economy and are in regular communications with these premises as well as our partner agencies, including Great Yarmouth Borough Council.

"At this time no scheme has been put in place.

"As no schemes are currently in place with this particular premise, it would be inappropriate to comment further."