Takeaway owner says £1 burgers and hotdogs are secret to success

Tony Clarke behind the grill at his takeaway.

Tony Clarke, 60, worked 588 consecutive days from the start of the pandemic until October 2021. - Credit: James Weeds

While beef burgers and onions sizzle on his grill, Tony Clarke cracks a smile as he talks about the success of his takeaway which offers tasty treats for only £1.

For that amazing low price, customers at Great Yarmouth's The Grill and Grind can get a hamburger with onions, or without, or a jumbo hotdog.

"We've been here nine years and we still have the same prices," said Mr Clarke, owner of the Regent Road business.

Being close to the Golden Mile, a lot of Mr Clarke's trade is seasonal.

However, he said it is his loyal customer base that keeps business ticking over in quieter times.

"We don't really get quiet until about January," Mr Clarke, 60, said.

"But even then we see most of our regulars every day. It is a bit of a community hub for a lot of people - especially those who have retired or are on lower incomes.

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"It's the price that's attractive.

"Where else can you get a burger or a hotdog for £1?

"Many of our customers aren't rich. But for a quid, we feed them and that's why they keep coming back."

Customers on mobility scooters outside The Grill and Grind.

The Grill and Grind on Regent Road is open 365 days a year. - Credit: James Weeds

Another key to the shop's success is its consistent opening days. Over Christmases, New Years and even weather events, The Grill and Grind has been open every day since 2013.

Mr Clarke said: "During the Beast from the East, it took me two hours to get here and back each way. But I still opened."

Mr Clarke prides himself on having worked 588 days in a row from the first lockdown until last October.

At the beginning of the first lockdown, the takeaway only closed for 30 minutes while Mr Clarke spoke to the council to see whether it was allowed to open.

The Grill and Grind continued to serve customers through the pandemic, with many new faces visiting.

One of his customers, who did not wish to be named, said: "I started coming during the first lockdown as I had nowhere else to go. It's a great place to eat and have a chat."

The menu to The Grill and Grind.

Owner Tony Clarke said his prices haven't changed since he opened in 2013. - Credit: James Weeds

Mr Clarke added: "We try to raise money for St Mary's Church, the homeless and Cancer Research UK. I love the job and the people we serve.

"I think even if I won the Euromillions tonight, I would still open tomorrow and just get on with it."