Would you support a rise in taxi fares in Great Yarmouth?

Taxi drivers in Great Yarmouth believe it is to easy to get a license from the borough council. Pict

A taxi driver pictured in Great Yarmouth - Credit: Archant

A public consultation has been launched on whether taxi fare rates should increase in the Great Yarmouth area.

Great Yarmouth Borough Council is asking people to give their views on a proposed rise in first class hackney fares.

Fares have stayed at the same level for nine years in the borough, leading to taxi firm Swift Taxis and other firms and drivers saying they are struggling due to a rise in costs.

Day fares currently are set at £2.20 for the first 176 yards and then 20p for each further 176 yards or part of between 6am and 11pm.

Taxi rank

The taxi rank by the town's bus station and Troll Cart pub - Credit: Anthony Carroll

Night rates between 11pm and 6am are £2.60 for the first 390 yards and 30p for each further 195 yards or part of.

Sunday rates between 6am and 11pm are £2.40 for the first 330 yards and 25p for each further 185 yards.

Swift Taxis had suggested introduced borough-wide night rates from 7pm to 6am with a rate of £6 for the first 1,760 yards and then 35p for each further 195 yards.

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It proposed day rates should be £5 for the first 1,760 yards and then 25p for each further 176 yards.

The rates include Sundays.

The proposals were discussed at a meeting of the council's licensing committee.

The committee also looked a fare increase proposals from Ocean Cabs, the Great Yarmouth Taxi Drivers Association and taxi driver Sean Morley.

The Town Hall in Great Yarmouth.
May 2014.
Picture: James Bass

The council committee met in Great Yarmouth Town Hall - Credit: James Bass

They had submitted their fare system following Swift Taxi's bid to the committee asking for a rise in fares.

The committee agreed a proposed tariff of a day rate between 6am and 10pm at a rate of £5 for the first 1,760 yards and then 25p for each further 176 yards.

A proposed night rate tariff of £6 for the first 1,760 yards and then 35p for each further 195 yards was also agreed.

The night rate would also be for bank holidays, except Christmas and the new year.

Changes to Christmas and new year fees, and luggage and passenger number fees of 30p, were also proposed.

The borough council has launched a public consultation on the proposed tariffs which will run until Monday, August 8 and can be accessed via the council's website.

Rates for pre-booked taxis are not regulated by the council, or affected by the proposed changes.