'Massive impact' of rising fuel prices on Yarmouth businesses

Taxi rank

The taxi rank by the town's bus station and Troll Cart pub - Credit: Anthony Carroll

Taxi firms in the Great Yarmouth area have said the continuing rise in fuel prices is "having a massive impact" on their business.

Figures from data firm Experian show the average price of a litre of petrol at UK forecourts reached a record 182.3p on Wednesday.

That was an increase of 1.6p compared with Tuesday, taking the average cost of filling a 55-litre car to £100.27.

A petrol station in Great Yarmouth.

A photo of fuel prices at the Whitehorse roundabout taken earlier in 2022. - Credit: James Weeds

Aaron Spires, owner of the Hopton independent taxi firm, Seaside Cabs, said rising fuel prices will see his firm operate at a loss.

Mr Spires said: "With the cabs around the borough not having an increase for nine years, we're at a loss. You're getting a lot less miles for every pound that you spend on diesel.

"It's having a massive impact."

However, Mr Spires said that business is currently doing well because of the increased amount of visitors in the town.

He said: "It's balanced things out a little bit, but it's nothing like it used to be. And with inflation on absolutely everything, people can't really afford to take a taxi. It's a luxury for most people."

Mr Spires predicts that after the summer period, it will be "very difficult" to make a living as a taxi driver.

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Caister Cabs also said the rises have been affecting business, but they will carry on.

A spokesperson said: "It is definitely costing more to run. You've got to carry on. What else can you do?"

The spokesperson said business had quietened down a lot since the pandemic and, while there were more holidaymakers in the borough, they weren't using taxis as often.

"People are driving themselves a lot more now," the spokesperson said. "And bus prices are still much lower. But there's not much you can do."

Earlier in the week, the BBC reported that the cost of a year's supply of fuel for a single lorry had increased by £20,000.

A van and a lorry

Carl Crysell, director of CJC Transport Consultants said the continued rise in the cost of diesel was a concern. - Credit: CJC Transport Consultants

In Great Yarmouth, Carl Crysell, director of CJC Transport Consultants Ltd, said: "Diesel costs are a concern. With almost a third of costs already accounted for in fuel budgets, the latest increases and their continuing rise is a worry.

"Ultimately, as these costs rise, operators and hauliers will have to pass on the costs to the end-user.

"Everything we buy, own eat and wear travels by lorry at some stage of its lifecycle. Those costs will be borne by the public eventually."