Going green: The new vegan food hut making waves on the coast

A new Vegan and Veggie Hut has opened in Hemsby.

Tess Robinson of the Vegan and Veggie Hut in Hemsby with the loaded sweet potato fries and hummus and falafel wrap, both £5. The kiosk opened on Saturday May 7 and has a range of vegan ice creams and treats. - Credit: Liz Coates

A seaside chippy has reinvented itself with a totally new vegan and vegetarian menu at one of Norfolk's most popular resorts.

The Vegan and Veggie Hut opened in Beach Road, Hemsby, on Saturday (May 7)with the aim of bringing something new to the array of cafes, ice-cream shops, and burger stalls.

The Vegan and Veggie Hut has opened in Hemsby

The team at Vegan and Veggie in Hemsby on opening day, Saturday May 7. Pictured left to right are Anja Ewings, Tess Robinson and Freya Kemp. - Credit: Liz Coates

"If you come to Hemsby it's normal to be vegan," said owner James Bensly who hopes that everyone - whatever their food preferences - can have a great experience in the holiday village he is proud to call home.

Mr Bensly whose family of businesses includes The Beach Cafe opposite the hut said more and more people were asking for vegan options but that it was hard to cater for them at the cafe given the limited preparation space.

A new Vegan and Veggie hut has opened in Hemsby.

The falafel and hummus wrap from the new Vegan and Veggie hut in Hemsby priced £5. - Credit: Liz Coates

Now with the new kiosk they could be confident of what they were serving and also offer a full range of foods, including a vegan "whippy-style" soft ice-cream which was coming soon.

It also chimed with the going green ethos he was was ushering in as a borough and country councillor with the aim of making Norfolk a top eco-friendly destination, Hemsby leading the way with its reusable cup scheme.

The opening day had come after some five months of preparation and research and saw sweet potato loaded fries and falafel wraps with hummus proving an instant hit.

The new Vegan and Veggie Hut in Hemsby

The sweet potato loaded fries available from the Vegan and Veggie Hut in Hemsby priced £5. - Credit: Liz Coates

Much of the menu had been designed by Tess Robinson, who also works at John Grant School as a co-educator.

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The 18-year-old with a passion for flavour had been testing out recipes and combinations at  home and reaching out to food bloggers for ideas.

Tess Robinson at the new Vegan and Veggie Hut in Hemsby.

Tess Robinson on the sands at Hemsby is serving up a feast for vegans and vegetarians at the new Vegan and Veggie Hut which is a stone's throw from the beach. - Credit: Liz Coates

She said she was "so excited" to be able to serve the food and finally be able to recommend a vegan/vegetarian option to customers at the cafe.

Mr Bensly said he was learning all the time and was heartened by the enthusiasm of passers-by as he opened up the hatch for the first time.

The Vegan and Veggie Hut in Hemsby has opened.

The team at the Vegan and Veggie Hut Anja Ewings, Tess Robinson, and Freya Kemp on opening day Saturday May 7. - Credit: Liz Coates

Maura Bond who was walking by with  her dog stopped to take a snap for her daughter-in-law who is vegan.

"This is simply amazing, " she said. "We always struggle to find somewhere for her to eat in Hemsby and end up going to Norwich. I really do hope that they are very, very successful."

The Vegan and Veggie Hut is open 10-4pm at weekends until the main summer holidays.