People skip the shops for the beach in Great Yarmouth

Lee Austrin

Lee Austrin, owner of Vogue, was one of several traders down Regent Road who said Monday was quiet compared to the weekend. - Credit: James Weeds

Businesses along Great Yarmouth's Regent Road have said the heatwave has led customers to ditch the shops for the beach.

Several shops along the town's gateway to the Golden Mile said rising temperatures saw a reduced number of people stopping for a browse on Monday.

A somewhat quiet Regent Road

Some business owners speculated less customers were on Regent Road as people had gone to the beach instead. - Credit: James Weeds

At Vogue, new owner Lee Austrin said: "This morning was really good, but it has definitely got quieter this afternoon.

"There was a noticeable drop-off around midday when the temperature started to peak.

Lee Austrin

Lee Austrin, owner of Vogue, said even though the weather was hard to predict, he expects trade would be busy on Tuesday monring. - Credit: James Weeds

"Tomorrow, we’ll hopefully have another good morning and sell more buckets, spades, hats and sunglasses. But it is hard to predict."

Steve Potter, owner of Potter's Rock Factory, said the most popular product of the day was his ice slush drinks.

Steve Potter

Steve Potter, owner of Potter's Rock Factory, said it was no surprise the most popular product on sale during Monday's heatwave was slush. - Credit: James Weeds

"No surprise there," Mr Potter said.

"It's been a bit quieter today, but that was expected. Everyone's surely down the beach.

"It might be a waiting game for the next couple of days. I expect it to be rammed by the end of the week though."

Mr Potter revealed that This Morning presenter Dermot O'Leary was brandishing a stick of Potter's rock on Monday after presenter Kate Lawler had sent a sweet treat from the town to ITV studios in London.

A somewhat quiet Regent Road

Businesses along Regent Road said there were less people around on Monday. - Credit: James Weeds

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Stephen Crook, who owns The Shed, which sells film and television merchandise and memorabilia, said fewer people had visited the store compared to the weekend.

"We expected this - we had an OK weekend," Mr Crook said.

"But with this weather, everyone's on the beach. Also, if you’re too hot, you’re not going to want to shop.

"But give it another week for the summer holidays to begin and it will be busy, I hope."

Helen Evangelos

Helen Evangelos, owner of Sweet Creams ice cream store, said she had been busy selling ice cream and ice cold drinks to people looking to keep cool in the heatwave. - Credit: James Weeds

One owner who said the hot weather had been a benefit for business, was Helen Evangelos of Sweet Creams ice cream store.

"It’s all going well - especially the cold stuff," Ms Evangelos said.

"We’re getting a lot of older customers in for the ice creams and just trying to keep cool.

"But we're keeping nice and busy. I'm not looking forward to tomorrow though if it’s even hotter - it is a slog being inside."

A relatively empty Regent Road

Some people were out on Regent Road on Monday afternoon. - Credit: James Weeds

One business owner, who did not wish to be named, said: "Overall, trade's been alright. But today has been the worst day.

"I think the media has whipped up a frenzy and people - especially older people - are scared to come out."

Some people on the beach

Some people were scattered on Great Yarmouth beach on Monday afternoon. - Credit: James Weeds