'It's just not viable anymore' - Pub near Great Yarmouth closes

Rampant Horse in Freethorpe.Paul and Tracey Crisp.Pub of the Week.Picture: James Bass

The Rampant Horse in Freethorpe has closed. - Credit: Eastern Daily Press © 2016

A pub at the heart of a village near Great Yarmouth has closed after its owner said running it was no longer financially viable.

The Rampant Horse in Freethorpe closed its doors for the last time in late-March after its owner said rising costs had made the pub too expensive to run.

Owner Geoff Stanford is now pondering changing the premises into a supermarket.

He said: "I've had to make the decision to close it as it just wasn't making any money.

"I bought it a while back, but I can't see it reopening as a pub, because it's just not financially viable.

"Price increases have made it impossible to run, everything is going up, heat, energy, resources, everything.

"I'm thinking of turning it into a supermarket at some point as that's what's happened to quite a few pubs recently."

Prior to Mr Stanford's ownership, the pub was ran by Tracey and Paul Crisp, who echoed his comments when leaving the pub in 2020 saying running the drinking spot was "just too tough".