Rat droppings found in Great Yarmouth kebab shop with 0 food hygiene rating

UK Express Kebabs. Picture: GoogleMaps

UK Express Kebabs. Picture: GoogleMaps - Credit: GoogleMaps

The shocking state of a kebab shop in Great Yarmouth, which had rat droppings littering the floor of its store room, has been revealed in a food standards inspection report.

UK Express Kebabs received a zero food hygiene rating as a result of the inspection, carried out by the Great Yarmouth Borough Council.

The inspector found a number of major issues, including rat droppings behind a freezer in the store room, and the temperature of the fridge being well above the recommended temperature of eight degrees or less.

Areas of the premises were also described as “filthy”, mentioning that equipment being used was also dirty, with ingredients being stored in opened tins.

A spokesman for the shop said: “The problems were with the building. We have made all the changes they asked.”

They declined to comment any further.

The eatery was ordered to bring in pest control and pest-proof their premises amongst other measures.

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A spokesman for the Great Yarmouth Borough Council confirmed that it has been working with the premises to help improve standards, and the premises will be re-scored at an inspection in the near future.

The spokesman added: “The percentage of businesses in each rating band constantly fluctuates, as businesses are routinely inspected and re-inspected. As of April 2018, 96.6 per cent of the premises had a hygiene rating of three or above, which is above both the national and regional averages, and an increase of 1.5 per cent on last year. Only 0.4 per cent were zero rated.

“With respect to the minority of premises rated zero to two, the borough council first seeks to work with owners to improve standards, and continues to offer additional coaching visits to provide advice and guidance between inspections. If a business fails to engage or improve, or if food is not safe to eat, the council has a range of tools, including enforcement, closure and prosecution where necessary.”