Stud farm worries

FEARS have been raised plans to improve paddock and stable facilities at a Browston farm could create a development that is too big.

A number of villagers living close to Heath Stud and Livery at Manor Farm in Browston Lane will be writing to Great Yarmouth Borough Council objecting to the plans, feeling the proposed scheme is too big for the area.

An application has been submitted to the borough council for a single storey building with office, rest room, toilet and secure storage.

The plans also include alterations and extensions to existing buildings on the site, as well as the re-ordering of paddocks and tracks and provision for car parking.

But Anthony Robinson, 63, who lives a short distance away in Browston Lane, said the development was too big and would involve the removal of a hedgerow.

He also feared if the development was approved it would lead to an increase in traffic on a quiet rural lane.

“They want to provide a facility for exercising horses. Looking at the plans, this is way too big for this countryside. Browston is only a small village and they want to put in a single storey building, rest room and toilets,” the retired construction manager added.

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John Tuttle, 60, who has been living next door to the farm for 40 years, said there had been a number of previous applications for a stud farm on the land, but the latest plans were much bigger.

He believed the application could be the start of a “slippery slope” with more buildings being added along the way.

“The first application was just for a 12 horse livery. I thought that would be the end of it, but now it seems the site has grown bigger than what the original intentions were,” Mr Tuttle added.

The applicant’s agent refused to comment.