Burning desire: The wax melt entrepreneurs who want to help others

Kerry Scanlon and Rebecca Frost are finding success with their craft business Little Wax Delights.

Making wax melts helped Kerry Scanlon and Rebecca Frost through lockdown and has spawned a new business. They are now hosting a craft fair in Belton and are reaching out to others to join them. - Credit: Kerry Scanlon

Two friends have shared how their creative start-up helped them overcome lockdown adversity and become a success.

Kerry Scanlon, 36, said she became a "virtual recluse" while her friend Rebecca Frost,  a hairdresser, lost her income and took up being a rep for a candle company.

Little Wax Delights is increasing its range all the time

Little Wax Delights was born during lockdown and is going from strength to strength. - Credit: Little Wax Delights

Now she has a spring in her step and a drive to help other, often female, entrepreneurs who may also have found opportunity in tough times.

The two friends are enjoying success with their wax melt business, Little Wax Delights, having taken the brave step to start from scratch.

And while restrictions have eased and Mrs Frost can go back to work, they have carried on and now want to grow the business that has helped them to keep  going.

Mrs Scanlon, who lives in Gorleston, said they had been selling their home-made products through Facebook and at car boots, but were now staging their own Christmas fair in Belton.

Little Wax Delights a business born out of lockdown

Little Wax Delights has developed six ranges including 'cocktail' and 'Autumn'. - Credit: Little Wax Delights

"We are both really up for helping other small businesses who make their own stuff at home," she said.

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"We want to help other mums that are in a similar position trying to provide for their families."

So far 11 other businesses selling various wares including Christmas wreaths, resin products, and baby clothes are setting out their stalls at the John Green Institute in Belton on November 28, 12-3pm in Station Road South.

Little Wax Melts is providing a platform for crafters

Two friends have made a success of their small business Little Wax Delights launched during lockdown and are going one step further by staging a craft fair in Belton. - Credit: Little Wax Melts

Mrs Scanlon said she had always enjoyed crafts and loved making things with her sons.

Returning to being creative had been therapeutic, helping to keep a lid on her anxiety she said.

She said she had suffered on and off but that she had really struggled during the pandemic.

Little Wax Delights are hosting a craft fair

Little Wax Delights have developed a range of seasonal and themed scents since launching in lockdown. - Credit: Little Wax Delights

"It lead me to become a bit of a recluse and not look after myself," she said.

"So this is a really big thing for me to put myself out there and meet people."

One of the positives of the pandemic was the "amazing" explosion of small businesses by women, who were often mums too, who started out with a hobby that turned into a business.

Little Wax Delights hosting a craft fair in Belton

Little Wax Delights are excited to be hosting their first craft fair event supporting other people making their own wares. - Credit: Little Wax Delights

Their venture Little Wax Delights had created 15 varieties so far with a special winter range featuring salted caramel and cinnamon vanilla fragrances.

Snap bars are £2.50 each or five for £10. Sample hearts are also available at five for £5.

Little Wax Delights sees two friends making a success of wax melts.

Two friends have developed a rainbow of scents for their new business Little Wax Delights. - Credit: Little Wax Delights

To find out more or to book a table at the craft fair contact Little Wax Delights via Facebook.