Yarmouth baby Molly has lorry named in her honour!

WHEN most people become a grandparent for the first time their instinct may be to buy a card for the proud parents, or a toy for their tiny grandchild.

But when Walter Thurtle, owner of skip hire company WT Waste, became a grandfather for the first time, there was only one thing to do – name a lorry after his new granddaughter!

Residents of Great Yarmouth will now see Molly on the streets of the town. At 32 tonnes gross weight she is a little heavier than the baby she’s named after, but the family are as equally proud of both.

Mr Thurtle said: “I wanted to do something permanent as a tribute to my first grandchild. The lorry will be on the road for many years, so as she grows up she will be able to appreciate it. Who knows, maybe she will be driving one of our lorries one day!”

Mr Thurtle’s son Gary, father of baby Molly, said he was flattered: “We’ve had lots of presents and cards from friends and family, so this was certainly something different. My wife was bemused by the whole thing, although she is used to my dad by now.”

The arrival of Molly means WT Waste could become a third-generation business, although Molly’s mother Hazel said this idea clashed with her plans for Molly to have a career in medicine or law.

WT Waste has a transfer station on Yarmouth’s Harfreys Industrial Estate, where over 80pc of skip waste is recycled.