Busy time for Stokesby voters

Like those in a few other wards across the Great Yarmouth borough, voters in Stokesby had considerably more election ballots to puzzle over than most.

Along with deciding on the borough council election and the alternative vote, those ticking boxes in the village hall had to also consider who they wanted as their parish councillors and whether they wanted an elected mayor for Yarmouth.

Elsewhere, although they didn’t have parish council elections, those in Belton, Fritton St Olaves, Bradwell South and Hopton also had four choices to make.

This time, it was a Norfolk County Council by-election for the Lothingland seat that made up the numbers.

Ann Dixon is treasurer for Stokesby Village Hall, and handed over the keys to election officials for polling station proceedings to start at 7am yesterday.

Having voted in the morning, she said there had been a good early turnout and didn’t believe the array of electoral options would lead to too much confusion.

“I met someone outside the village hall who wasn’t sure what all the votes were for, but the staff inside were happy to explain anything so people will be aware of what they’re doing.”

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Mrs Dixon, who among her choices decided against the alternative vote and elected mayor, said she was proud that parish council seats were being contested and added:

“You need the right people in the positions to represent the community, it’s an important part of the process so they can keep an eye on what’s going on in the village.

“We may be small, but I think it’s a very good sign that people are interested in what’s going on in the village.”