Beach poppy tribute to nation's fallen troops


The metal poppies on Caister beach - Credit: Simon Watson Photography

An up and coming artist and a photographer have teamed up to create a special beach tribute to the nation's fallen troops.

Ryan Smith, who works with metal and is a fabricator, and professional photographer Simon Watson set up 25 poppies and a bayonet and helmet on Caister beach as a Remembrance Day tribute.

Mr Smith spent a week making the poppies after he was inspired to do so after meeting Mr Watson professionally.

The pair had met at the home of Mr Smith in Poppy Drive, Caister, where he had made some poppy tributes for his driveway.

Mr Watson, who runs Simon Watson Photography and is from North Walsham, was so impressed he suggested the idea of creating a larger eye-catching memorial display - leading to the pair heading to the beach at Caister to plant the 25 metal tributes.

Mr Smith said: "If we don't keep remembering then the tragedies will be forgotten."