Caister couple’s Madhatters wedding

IT is a ceremony steeped in tradition.

But one Caister couple are planning to rewrite the rule book by marking their wedding day with a cast of colourful characters.

Chris Bryant and Jemma Hayter are sealing their love with a fancy dress wedding before continuing the fun with a Mad Hatter’s tea party reception.

Chris plans to greet Jemma at the altar wearing the red, blue and white suit of crime-fighting hero Captain America.

Meanwhile, Jemma hopes to add some fairy-tale magic to the occasion by walking down the aisle as Cinderella.

The couple, who will marry at Holy Trinity Church in Caister on August 12, decided to give their big day an informal touch because it was a cheaper and fun way to tie the knot.

“I decided I wanted us to get married in the church but I didn’t want it to be traditional, so I thought let’s do fancy dress,” said the 25-year-old mum. I think it is going to be filled with fun and we are very excited.”

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The decision to have a fancy dress wedding came after Chris proposed to Jemma using a ring-shaped sweet. Jemma ate the sweet straight away because she thought he was joking, but then said yes when she realised he was really proposing!

Chris, who used to be a Great Yarmouth driving instructor, replaced the sweet with a real ring five weeks after the proposal.

Jemma’s mum, Linda Hayter, who is going to the wedding as Mary, Mary Quite Contrary, said she cannot wait to see her future son-in-law dressed as a comic book hero.

“The pair of them are absolutely besotted with each other and so in love it is unbelievable.”

More than 60 people are invited to the wedding, with Batman, Robin and a host of Disney characters already confirmed.

The Mad Hatter’s tea party reception is at Chris’s parents’ house in Beccles, where milkshakes, tea and coffee will be served instead of alcohol.