1920s Norfolk schoolmaster's clock discovered for sale in America

The Podboy family with the clock.

A clock, which was dedicated to a long-serving head master of a Caister school is up for sale by a family in the state of Ohio. - Credit: The Podboy family.

It was a gift handed over to a much respected Norfolk schoolmaster way back in 1923.

And now, almost 100 years later, an inscribed ceremonial clock has made its way from Caister on the Norfolk coast to the United States of America, where it is being put up for auction.

It was May 31, 1923 when Mr C H Beevor was given the clock, made by Aldred and Son of Great Yarmouth, for his 33 years of service as head master of Caister Council School.

The clock.

The Aldred and Son ceremonial clock, which was gifted to Mr C H Beevor, is currently on sale for $300 on eBay. - Credit: Toledo Antique

However, it is now in the hands of American hobbyist antique dealers, David Podboy and Alessandra Krusciel-Podboy, and currently on sale for $300.

Tony Baker, chairman of Caister Parish Council, said: "It's lovely to see that the efforts of a schoolteacher from Caister made their way across to the United States.

"I doubt many people in Ohio have even heard of the village. It's amazing how things move around.

"It would be lovely if the clock could be returned to Caister."

The inscription on the clock.

The inscribed clock was awarded to Mr C H Beevor by the parishioners of Caister on May 31, 1923. - Credit: Toledo Antique

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The clock's current owner, Dr Podboy - an obstetrician and gynaecologist - said he and his wife have had the clock for about a year after buying a job lot from an estate sale in Toledo, Ohio.

Dr Podboy claims to not be a clock expert and has not checked whether it still works.

Alessandra Krusciel-Podboy and David Podboy with the clock.

Alessandra Krusciel-Podboy and David Podboy came to own the clock after buying a job lot from an estate sale in Toledo, Ohio. - Credit: The Podboy family

The Podboys said the clock, which is missing its key, has been listed on their eBay account for almost a year, but hasn't received much interest.

Dr Podboy added: "I think it's pretty cool. It's from a period which sells well and it has a cool name: 'Aldred and Son of Great Yarmouth'".

The family name, Aldred, currently operate as a chartered surveyor in East Norfolk.

However, in the 18th century, Aldred was one of the four families that founded Lowestoft porcelain.

By the 19th century, the Aldred family were jewellers and clockmakers and opened a shop on Broad Row in Great Yarmouth.

Mosaic of Aldred and Son

Aldred and Son opened a shop on Broad Row and the mosaic can still be seen. - Credit: James Weeds

By 1857, Samuel Aldred entered property management and auctioneering and, since a merger with Duffield and Son in 1963, the firm has continued trading under the Aldred name.

Mark Duffield, director of Aldreds, said: "It would be nice to see it come home and it's not terribly expensive."

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The works of the clock.

Inside the Aldred and Son clock which is currently for sale in the United States of America. - Credit: Toledo Antique

The face of the ceremonial clock gifted to Mr C H Beevor in 1923.

The face of the ceremonial clock gifted to Mr C H Beevor in 1923. The key is missing, so it is not known whether the clock is in working condition. - Credit: Toledo Antique