Caister Parish Council takes to Facebook to have closer relationship with local community

Caister Parish Council's Facebook page

Caister Parish Council's Facebook page - Credit: Archant

Caister Parish Council has been running a Facebook page in an attempt to be closer with its local community.

Kevin Wood, who was elected to the council last May, decided to introduce the page as a way for people in the village to have a bigger voice.

The page which has 343 followers, has been attracting thousands of hits each month, with 10,000 last month, and 8,000 this month - with the hope that it will reach 14,000 by the end of the month.

Mr Wood and fellow parish councillor Lynne Connell publish updates to the page, which includes local news, details about upcoming parish council meetings and important information.

He said: “When I was elected onto the council last May, I thought it would be good to introduce the page as a way of the parish council giving back to the community, and to give them a bigger a bigger voice in their village.

“It allows us to get any information we wish to share out, we share stories from the Yarmouth Mercury and it also allows us to promote the parish council meetings more.

“We used to get just one man and his dog show up at meetings, but now for some of the meetings with the bigger issues we get a lot more. We had about 70 people show up to a meeting about housing plans in the village and I am sure the Facebook page had something to do with that.”